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Bread for Syrian living in Camps

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When traveling, one needs a lot of time to arrange his bags, and despite that, he often forgets and leaves behind things that he will need during his trip. But the difference is big for those who are forced to leave their homes to escape the bombing, so what can they carry? How will he carry it? How long do you think the absence will be? Is there a return or not?

This is how millions of Syrians left their homes, leaving behind almost everything they owned. They lost their homes, properties, and sources of livelihood, and with it their ability to secure a morsel of bread, which has become the most aspiration of many of them. It mainly lies in the absence of the ability to secure a morsel of bread for not one day or two. but for very long periods,

  A man asked the Messenger of God, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him: Which Islam is better? He said: (You feed the food and read peace to whom you know and to whom you do not know), agreed.

From the perspective of being merciful among them, we launch, with God’s help, the “Bread for the Camps” campaign, through which we aim to support the displaced in the camps by securing their basic daily sustenance. Securing a loaf of bread for a poor and displaced family means their survival and thus the revival of an entire society.

Campaign area;

camps in northern Syria


Providing 5,000 bags of bread per day to the camps for the displaced in northern Syria

Reducing the financial pressure placed on these families

Highlighting the charitable and humanitarian role in providing the most important elements of life for the displaced family

The cost;

Daily cost: $1,500

Monthly cost: $45,000

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