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Food basket for Syrian displaced families

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In the Syrian camps, the situation is completely different from any girl living in the rest of the world! Death here is the closest number of refugees to

refugees. Because of poverty, death due to fatal diseases and the inability to treat them, and great psychological pressure.

The goal of the sporting activity, the reality, the sporting activity, the sporting activity, the sport, the sand. International statistics indicate that malnutrition affects everyone, the social group, in all its classes. One of the groups most vulnerable to malnutrition is the oceans.

The urgent rescue phase: from the food deterioration of the food, which is the food food project.


Project goals:

1 - The poor in the poor families in Syria, and aims to fill the severe hunger nearby from the health situation due to the lack of food by distributing continuous and continuous food baskets on a daily basis to the economically weak families. One of the poorest and marginalized areas of the camps in northern Syria

2- Poor families, standing with them and informing them of social solidarity


Target group: poor families and camp residents in northern Syria.


Results from the project:

1- Distribution of 500 food baskets per month

2- Meeting the nutritional needs of the family


Project cost: The cost of one food basket is $25

Maqam and Cabbage 12500 dollars. However, the campaign goes through three phases.

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