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Winter Appeal for Syrian Refugees 2022

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Campaign Objective : 150 USD

More than 4.5 million Syrians in the camps of northern Syria (80% of them are children and women)

Red cheeks and tiptoes that are almost stiff because of freezing cold waves that penetrate unchecked or protected from this cold that hangs over children, women and the elderly in the winter of every year that passes through the refugee camps in northern Syria, walls and ceilings of cloth have exhausted the refugees in the camps, as the situation is made worse by its presence in geographical areas that have a lot of snow, rain and very low temperatures.

The residents of these camps depend mainly on winter charitable aid to meet basic heating needs during the harsh winter months, with almost no or no possibility in most cases, to provide heating for tents or winter clothes that may alleviate a lot of suffering that has lasted for more than 10 years.

Without sufficient support in these very cold days, the lives of many Syrians who live in these camps are unfortunately exposed to danger and disasters this winter.

According to the coordination teams, there are:

By donating to this campaign, you will contribute to the provision of heating materials (heater - charcoal - pyrene) in addition to the winter clothing for children, which includes (winter coat - pants - hat and blazer - winter shoes) to make them feel warm and happy during the cold winter days, and to draw a smile on their faces and give them a lot Of warmth and love!

We target 500 children at a cost of $25 for clothing per child, and 500 families at a cost of $75 for heating materials.

Total cost of this campaign: $50,000 

We are fully confident that you will be the people of goodness and giving who will extend a helping hand to the weak, and you will be the merciful hand and the warmth of hearts.

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