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Sadaqah Qurbani Campaign 2 - Syria

259 Day

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Campaign Objective : 2000 USD

Project Idea:

In memory of our master Ibrahim, peace be upon him, this blessed year was commemorated through the sacrifices program, which provides an opportunity for sacrifices to donate their sacrifices and deliver their fresh meat to the families of orphans and the poor in the Syrian camps, emphasizing the application of the principles of social solidarity

Target group:

Families of orphans and needy families who suffer from poverty and unemployment,
people with special needs,
Families whose members suffer from chronic diseases.

Targeted areas:

Syria camps

Implementation period:

  In the days of Tashreeq of the month of Dhu al-Hijjah (the days of Eid)


The project justification:

To revive the Sunnah of the Prophet and in line with the saying of God Almighty: (Pray to your Lord and your family).

The deterioration of the economic situation, especially in the camps of northern Syria.

Encouraging social solidarity among the groups of society.


Project goals:


Providing assistance to orphans and the poor, which contributes to spreading an atmosphere of sympathy and affection among Muslims in the holy month.

Bring joy and happiness to the families of orphans and the needy.

Reducing some economic difficulties.

Securing fresh meat for needy families during Eid Al-Adha


Project expected results/outputs

500 displaced families receive sacrificial meat

The cost of the project

The number of carcasses required: 50 carcasses

Single price: $300

Total price: $15,000

Lamb divided into 10 portions for 10 families

The average number of family members is 5

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